The well known actress Tonto and her best friend have turned enemies over eighteen million naira Largess handed them by someone we should not talk about in this story….

Let me give the gist as given by olofofos who are in the know….They say the quarrel which is being suffocated under the carpet will blow open soon…….

HOT GIST: Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh Sleeps with South African Pastor For Money-tonto dikeh sexual affair with pastor

Hmmmm,who likes to play golf on a Sunday?Let this story be like playing golf to you…Concentrate and be a Blessing!

”The lady is known to be a pimp as shes very influential,her dad once held a sensitive position and thus she has dated a former controversial big wig who financed many of her businesses and she has grown her business to enviable heights….

A lot of ladies want to be close to her cos she gives them runs inside and outside Nigeria……..THIS LADY IS CONNECTED;OMG!!!

Little wonder when the actress heard about her she befriended her on Instagram and started doing the bestie thing with her …..

And as their friendship blossomed,the actress got cash and went under the knife to gain some self confidence,moved from her previous apartment to a new one and things looked too good to be true…

The actress in turn helped her promote her business on the gram with her celeb status and they were both fine….
She introduced the actress to that lavish lifestyle where they stay in the hotels and their men come there claiming business meetings. Moving with a celeb like this actress helped this pimp’s status grow mind you…

HOT GIST: Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh Sleeps with South African Pastor For Money-tonto dikeh sexual affair with pastor

This pimp introduced the actress to where she got outfits,shoes and bags  which looked like designer but was not and she refused to tag the seller on IG so as not to bust her bubble….

The actress and the pimp travelled together,called each others kids their and called themselves sisters on the posts they made.There was even a hash tag #loveliveshere when the going was good.

A few months ago,Oga largess who is based in South Africa got interested in the actress and the pimp did her magic and a private jet paid for by the pimp ferried them to South Africa where they lodged into luxury and lived the good life the whole time they were there….

They went shopping and Bought expensive bags,boxes and and were busy posting on the gram,they claimed a particular reason for being invited to South Africa and the followers bought it hook,line and sinker…

When it was time to leave,oga Largess dropped an alleged amount of 16million for the actress and she handed the pimp a paltry 2million which didn’t go down well with her and trouble started.
They both quarrelled bitterly and exchanged hot words and threats and the pimp backed down cos the actress knew things about her that could cause wahala when revealed…..So pimp to back down for the pimp was the only solution…

When they got back,the actress returned the borrowed jeep to the pimp and also returned the big gold chain she had also borrowed and had already shown off on the gram as hers……She bought herself her own chain though…

Much later the pimp found out the money given was not 16m but 18m and whilst the actress was busy lavishing the money in Hilton for her birthday,doing lavish dinners and showing off,the pimp quietly unfollowed her on the gram.

The actress unfollowed as well.

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