fitness band

There is something relatively new on the Nigerian scene. It is the fitness band. This small wonders have everyone raving about them.

I recently had an opportunity to experience(i call it experience because that it exactly what it was) one from a friend and now, i have cause to rave too.

The fitness band i experienced was the Jawbone UP2, it was so good it motivated me to review fitness bands, with this brand as the focus.

Here are five reasons i think you need to get one.

Smart Alarm– The Jawbone UP2 serves as your alarm clock, it is however smarter than the traditional alarm clock because it actually calculates the wearer’s REM (Rapid eye movement sleep) and wakes them at the best time, for example, if you were set your wake-up alarm for 7:30 am, the band would vibrate at the best time between 7:00am and 7:30am, based on your body’s sleep patterns. This way, you always wake up refreshed rather than sleepy, grumpy or tired

Drug Reminder– The fitness band always reminds you to take your drug, this way you never miss your medication.

Wellness Guide– There are a number of steps you ought to take everyday, your fitness band tells you to take this number of steps and also, counts them for you.

Increases your social circle– You get connected with other owners of the fitness band.

Weight Watcher– You can watch your weight as the fitness band calculates, and tracks how much calories you eat each day.

Despite the good qualities of the fitness band, the Jawbone UP2 in particular, some people have had complaints like compatibility issues with Android, temperamental touchscreen, and bad charger.

Ultimately, it is a solid product for the money.

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