the-shemar-moore-online-store-is-now-going-mobile1-500x406Once upon a time, smartphones were new in Nigeria

In order to deal with these new ‘aliens’, a lot of fabrications were made up by ‘experts’.

These days, smartphones are lot more popular but somehow these myths are still being told from generation to generation, and from one owner to another.

Common among them is this smartphone misconception- “You Can Strengthen Your Battery By Thoroughly Charging Once You Buy It.”

The simple truth is that there is no scientific theory to back this up, so, if the battery is good, it is good.

If it is not good, charging it for over 7 hours in a bid to strengthen the battery is a complete waste of time.

So, please stop depriving yourself of that indescribable joy that comes from removing and using your new phone immediately you buy it.

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