SA Actress, Linda Mtoba basically regards Twitter and Instagram as a platform for her to share details and personal tidbits.

Not too long ago, Linda took to social media and shared her fears and concerns regarding natural birth. Her worries were understandable and warranted, especially for a first time mother.

In a video posted on  All The Latest, the former Isibaya actress is seen describing her exhausting state of health. The 28-year-old mentioned how tired she is feeling and that she gets to rest when her little one has fallen asleep.

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Besides the uncomfortable pains that most women endure during the course of their pregnancies, Linda came through with some really cool maternity fashion!

Linda Mtoba is primarily known as a talented actress, however it would be criminal to not mention that her style game has remained on a hundred. Even when she was heavily preggies, homegirl served us many cute looks!

Below are the best few times when Linda Mtoba slayed her maternity look.

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Main Image Credit:Instagram/@linda_mtoba


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