Thuli Phongolo has seen it all and done it all, and this week she took a moment to give her fans a taste of what goes on in her life and let’s just say, some of it is seriously wild.

The 25-year-old actress took a break from serving killer looks from her recent Halloween to share the story of how a musician tried to bribe her into faking a relationship just so he could promote new music.

Releasing and rolling out music usually requires some creativity, and sure, Thuli is a fantastic actress and could have pulled this off, but even the most optimistic fans would have to admit that this was just one step too far! The former Generations star took to the timeline to share all the juicy details when she said:

“Kana, there’s an artist that offered to pay me a 100k to act like we’re dating prior to his album release… my team and I have heard it all! Ayincinci”

We first had to take a moment to laugh very hard before some serious questions were asked. Half of her followers wanted to know why she turned down the money (but let’s be fair, she doesn’t need it!) while the rest of the timeline was more focused on figuring out who the rapper could have been.

Here were a few of the guesses:

Twitter embed

Twitter embed

Twitter embed

Some people assumed that it must have been Yanga Chief because he recently name-dropped the actress in his hit single 200. Thuli kept her lips sealed while we were all speculating but it’s fair to say that we agree with her: she really has seen everything! Back in 2018 she had to set the record straight after being accused of getting a make up artist fired following an on-set scuffle.

She said to ZAlebs at the time, “For me as an adult, I’d be ashamed to leave a show for a child – who was then twenty – so there’s no way that mam Bongi left because of me, I know exactly why she left, which I’m not gonna discuss,”

What other wild stories do you think Thuli has experienced during her time in the entertainment industry?

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