By now we all know that Somizi is monied and can afford to dish out a couple of thousands for the fun of it – yep! Even in this economy.

Well, one person who was lucky enough to get an early Christmas present from the Idols SA judge is Miss S.A., Zozibini Tunzi.

So, here’s how it all went down.

Over the weekend, Somgaga posted an open letter on his Instagram. The author of the letter is unknown, but it was an ode to the Xhosa people for ‘carrying the country on their backs’.

The letter read, in part: ” we as the Xhosa people would like to state that we are tired of carrying this country on our backs. Year by year we work tirelessly for this country while the rest of the nation relaxes”.

The author mentioned Zozibini for winning Miss S.A. as well as the Springboks for winning the World Cup, captained by Siya Kolisi. In conclusion, all the Xhosa tribe requested was a holiday.

And a holiday is what they would’ve gotten if Somizi had been the president.

Giving props to the Xhosa tribe, he wrote: “I have to stan. This tribe has done the most this year. They gave us a lot this year. Including nomahelele. The tiger in bed. Asphelelanga. Anele. Trevor. The list goes on. All Xhosa ppl dont go to work on Monday. And if u bump into me tomorrow pls demand R1000 from me I’ll gladly give it to u coz actually I owe u”.

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Somizi is truly a man of his word because he then bumbed into a beautiful Xhosa goddess, Zozibini Tunzi, at the mall and he dished out the moola.

“Look a promise I make is a promise I keep,” said Somizi.

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