Rap in South Africa has always been competitive, however, when a female rapper claims her throne a huge debate ensues.

Rouge Rapper recently dubbed herself the ‘best female in the game.’ Her statement was well received by many, but as usual, some names popped up in a quest to challenge Rouge’s statement.

It all started when Rouge announced that she will be dropping a little something this week that will change the game. As she managed to get fans hyped up, she followed that up by making a statement by crowning herself the best female rapper in the game.

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Rouge made it clear that she was not asking, but she was making it known!

The Dololo hitmaker has been praised for being lyrically gifted, with many strongly believing she can take on any rapper; whether male or female.

She also went on to say that rappers should not wait to be told they are the best, “know it for yourself first,” she tweeted.

Concluding her argument, she tweeted, “Let a guy say his the best it’s not this big of a deal, its expected. But the girls meant to think less of themselves I guess and not believe so.”

One rapper who made matters interesting was AKA. He encouraged female rappers to drop the act of this ‘unity’ they claim to have and just start beefing.

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Bhova’s rival, Cassper Nyovest, was not prepared to sit back and watch a ‘grown man’ stir up beef amongst femcees, especially because Nadia Nakai (who is signed to Family Tree) was also mentioned in the debate.

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Moozlie told fans to not hold their breath waiting for a beef that is not going to happen and Cass praised her for that.

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Cassper ended things off by tweeting: “Everybody got fans. Don’t think you are right cause you have a lot of people who agree with you no matter what you say or do. Some of Ya’ll ouchea promoting childish rubbish which we don’t need. How about we just become responsible, respectable leaders? We don’t have any.”

Was this a subtweet or a direct blow at AKA?

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