South Africa’s entertainment industry has had its fair share of celebrity rivalries. 

Some celebrity beefs get so spicy, we have no choice but to grab our popcorn, put on our shades and watch the drama unfold.

From shady Twitter comments to diss tracks, no star is immune to the drama.

Here’s a look at some of the most shocking celebrity rivalries in South Africa.

AKA VS Cassper Nyovest The biggest rivalry in Mzansi history has to be the one between rappers, AKA and Cassper Nyovest. The platinum-selling musicians started out as friends but things became sour between them shortly after Cassper released his hit single with Okmalumkoolkat, Gusheshe.According to AKA, Cassper’s moaning on social media rubbed him the wrong way.“He was coming up, I think it was around the Gusheshe time, and I’ve always looked out for new artists. We had even started to work on music together. One day I think he had put his video out or something, and the next day he went off about ‘I don’t have the support, no one is really holding me down, and I’m going to put this song out and show everybody.’ I think we kind of fell out, maybe because of things he said on Twitter as people do,” he told MTV Base in a 2015 interview.

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Things got ugly from there. Both AKA and Cassper released “diss” tracks about each other. AKA took a swipe at his nemesis in his 2015 smash hit, Composure.  “Heard you moving up now in the city of gold. When I go to Maftown, I’mma sit on the throne. Tryna fill up the dome, ’bout to fill up your home,” AKA raps in the song.The lyrics were clearly about Cassper, who not only grew up in Maftown (aka Mafikeng) but he is also known for his popular ‘Fill Up’ concerns. Cassper’s diss song, Dust to Dust, was equally spicy. He more than hinted about AKA’s alleged use of drugs and also rapped about AKA’s failed relationship with DJ Zinhle.

Things got quite for a while and the rappers even appeared to kiss and make-up in 2016. They were spotted hugging at Cassper’s ‘Fill Up Orlando Stadium’ concert.

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But that was short-lived reunion. Cassper revealed in 2018 that he will never reconcile with AKA for as long as he is living.

“That one will never happen. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!!  It’s gone too far… Ain’t nobody I don’t mind reconciling with and building with except the broer. LETS BUILD!!!” Cassper tweeted. 

Bonang Matheba and Lerato Kganyago Rumours about an alleged rivalry between Lerato Kganyago and Bonang Matheba refuse to die down despite both women denying there is any bad blood between them. The drama allegedly started when Lerato got a TV role that Bonang was eyeing. Queen B and LKG tried to put the rumours to bed by posing for pictures together. Bonang even went as far as to defend Lerato after True Love was accused of body shaming her. The magazine shared unedited pictures from Lerato’s June 2016 cover, which showed Lerato’s cellulite. It shared the images after being accused of airbrushing Lerato’s cover to the point that she was barely recognizable. The editing was needed apparently. “I’m so livid! @leratokganyago poured her heart about the most delicate part of her livid. She dared to express her displeasure of how she was “altered” and the response from one of the most iconic publications in this country was to body shame shame her,” Bonang wrote on social media.

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Their fans were satisfied that talk of a beef was “fake news”. That was until April 2017 when Bonang resigned from Metro FM just hours after a station reshuffle saw her co-hosting her popular show, The Front Row, with Lerato. While Bonang claimed that she left because she was upset that radio bosses notified her about the changes shortly before she was about to go on-air, social media users gave her major side eye.Many believed that Bonang quit because she wanted to be the only star of the show. Queen B denied the claims and insisted that her dramatic exist had nothing to do with Lerato. Lerato would go on to describe the day she co-hosted The Front Row with Bonang as her “darkest moment’ radio. Despite the admission, LKG tried to downplay the statement by saying she respected Queen B.“In the beginning it was great, but it was very tense, and I thought it was a teething phase, we will get over it. But it was just awkward… I have so much respect for her. She has her own reasons why she left” she said on Metro FM in January 2019. It’s safe to say these two will never be besties.

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DJ Cleo and DJ Maphorisa DJ Cleo and DJ Maphorisa are two of the hottest DJ in South Africa. We thought everything was rosy between the two until a Twitter user asked DJ Mamphorisa a simple question: “Will you ever work with DJ Cleo?” DJ Maphorisa did not hold back in his reply and spilled the tea on their rivalry. “I dnt think so I gave him my demo in Sunnyside PTA at a YFm show with DJ Fresh n Thato I won’t forget dat day. When he was pushing Brickz he gave me n attitude I told my self I will never be like dat guy coz I was a fuckin kid n I know how it feels to be treated like s**t (sic),” DJ Maphoria wrote.

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Pearl Thusi and Bonnie MbuliPearl Thusi has been involved in rivalries with stars such as AKA (they’re buddies now) and Ntsiki Mazwai, but one of her famous twars involved another famous actress. Bonnie Mbuli got into a heated exchange on Twitter with Pearl Thusi about colourism.Pearl defended her career in June 2019 after Twitter users claimed she was only famous because she was a light skinned black woman and had zero talent. The Quantico star defended herself by saying she had worked hard to get where she is today and has also lost roles because of her skin colour.“I’ve lost many jobs to dark skinned women. Because I didn’t fit the mould of a real black woman for people. And other times because that woman was more beautiful or talented. Being light won’t get you there and keep you there, you need to work. And work harder to prove that point,” Pearl tweeted.

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Bonnie Mbuli weighed in on the matter.“So when a light skinned actress complains abt the one or two roles they didn’t get coz they weren’t dark enuf; I’m like but the part ur crying abt was being the slave who gets raped and beat up in the thing, ppl who look like u have never had to be in that position to begin with (sic),” Bonnie wrote.It wasn’t the first time Bonnie called Pearl out on Twitter. In March 2018, Bonnie slammed Pearl after she appeared in a photo shoot that purposely made her skin darker. Bonnie likened Pearl’s look to “blackface.

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Ntsiki Mazwai VS Fikile MbalulaPoet and musician Ntsiki Mazwai has had beef with the whole of ZAlebvillle. She has shaded many stars on social media including Pearl Thusi, Bonang Matheba, DJ Zinhle, and even Beyoncé But on Ntsiki’s most bizarre rivalries involved famous South African politician, Fikile Mbalula. Their beef goes as far back as 2014. Ntiski wrote and open letter to the politician in 2014, calling his alleged “obsession” with Beyonce unbecoming of government figure. “Minister as a local artist, your obsession with Beyoncé is killing me. I saw your tweet to Beyonce, Mr Minister, and I saw red. Before you are Beyoncé’s groupie, you are an ambassador of South Africa. You are a leader. You are a person of influence. Please could you exercise this with some responsibility?“A few years ago you wanted to spend millions of public funds (not even your own money) to bring Beyoncé to South Africa, the masses protested and said ‘oh hell no!!! Not with our artists!’” Ntsiki wrote.Fikile clapped back with some spice of his own.“This so called open letter is not about my duties as minister of sports wether (sic) am doing my job or not it’s a personal attack…. Ntsiki mazwai is not fit to question my bonafides ngubani yena?… Questioning my dress sense when you go around naked nobody ever said your dress sense is an invitation for prostitution. “She’s fond of disrespecting ministers on Twitter, thinking we aren’t able to respond to her insanity. This isn’t the first time she does this. She can’t blame me for her inability to pay rent. She invest her energy in attacks than self development,” he wrote in several tweets.

Fikile later said he regretted fighting with Ntsiki and wished he did not entertain the drama. 


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