Khanyi Mbau put her haters in their place this week and she did it while using less than 280 characters. The actress and TV star did this by setting the record straight about the influence that she has had on South African women.

We’re not sure why people love coming after Khanyi Mbau. She’s been a consistent trendsetter for the past decade and then some; she has evolved with every era of South African entertainment and for the most part, she’s never hurt anybody. But despite this, hoteps have made a habit out of coming after the Queen of Bling and it happened for the 1000th time earlier this week

It was all began when Mama Mbau posted a saucy picture on her timeline. One man in particular took such strong exception that he labelled her a “bad influence”.

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When Khanyi instructed the man to “find his peace”, his only retaliation was to say, “Thank you for the advice but please dare to make a difference , many young people are looking up to you.”

It seems as if this was the tipping point for Khanyi Mbau. She set the record straight about exactly what those who look up to her have been able to accomplish:

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This is not the first time that Khanyi Mbau has educated the masses on her impact in the entertainment industry. She has, however, made it clear that it’s not her duty to be a role model for the country and that she is living life only on her terms.

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Do you think Khanyi Mbau is being unfairly targetted by her haters?

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