Gigi Lamayne has come a long way in one year. This time in 2018, the rapper and muso was in a hospital ward, stable but also very much troubled, after trying to take her life. After a year of growth and learning, she has been able to reflect on that fateful day which would go on to change her life forever.

In 2018 the country came to a standstill after Gigi Lamayne publicly announced that she was about to “end it all” on Twitter. Nobody could get a hold of her for hours and I recall even calling her mother to ask if the news was true. I’ll never forget the chill in her voice as she confirmed that her daughter had tried to take her own life.

Gigi Lamayne had been calling out for help before this point. A series of cryptic posts on social media should have raised the alarm bells but after it was clear that she wasn’t going to get the help she needed, Gigi took matters into her own hands. Thankfully for her and for us, her story was not done yet.

Fast forward to 2019 and Gigi has enjoyed a tremendous year. Having hosted the Gigi Gang show, her very own one-woman show, and also represented Mzansi overseas while also bolstering her catalogue of hits, she has reaffirmed her status as one of this country’s most exciting talents.

On this morning, the fourth of November 2019, she took a moment to reflect on everything that went down exactly one year ago when she thought that she was ready to end it all. She began an emotional thread on social media when she said,

“Last year on the 4th of November. It nearly almost ended for me. I was in a dark pit with the wrong company, lonely, hurt and frustrated. What a movie my life has been. Waking up and realizing In that hospital bed that some things gotta Change. At 24 Besides being constantly bashed on social media , I was sad, young but hungry, it all died when I put people before me. I was in a toxic relationship. Forgot to love myself because I too busy trying to fix another.”

She continued:

Twitter embed

Gigi Lamayne didn’t name anybody specifically, but it seems as if she was hinting at her reported relationship with Ambitiouz Entertainment star, DJ Citi Lyts.

She ended her thread by warning of the importance of mental health and self-love when she said:

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What message would you have for a friend who finds themselves in Gigi Lamayne’s shoes?

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