It has been a turbulent month of October for Fezile Mpela, but things ended on a positive note after it was reported that he had just secured a role on a brand new Netflix Film which dropped on the streaming platform last week.

Fezile has had to endure the fallout of a dramatic divorce, before finding out that his ex-wife had committed suicide in October. To describe his life as “stressful” at that point in time would be an understatement, but somehow that actor was able to keep it together before unveiling the big news that he was currently working on a massive new Netflix production.

The news was broken at the beginning of November after sharp-eyed journalists noticed Fezile Mpela’s name on the cast list of the Netflix movie, Holiday in the Wild. Entertainment guru Phil Mphela shared the great news on social media where he wrote:

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His fans also noticed that he had landed the big role:

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The film itself is a feel-good story about an American woman who flies to South Africa after undergoing a messy divorce. Fezile plays the role of a game reserve ranger who helps Kate (played by Kristin Davis) adjust to her new surroundings in Zambia.

You can check out the trailer below:

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Image Credit: www.twitter.com/FezileMpela


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