A few days ago, the country woke up to the news that DJ Tira was showing interest in working with the Qwabe twins.

Malume was praised by many; seeing how well he elevates his artists. Fans of the twins were left at ease knowing that their faves are in ‘safe’ hands.

In a twist of events, it has been revealed that Viggy and Virginia’s management team has no knowledge of Tira wanting to sign or work with the twins. Management claims that the DJ has not spoken to them.

What made fans conclude that the twins were perhaps working with the Afrotainment boss was when they were spotted with him in what seemed to be a music video shoot. Tira also shared pictures on social media together with the twins. In addition, he spoke to TshisaLive about his plans – which will include collaborating with the former #IdolsSA contestants.

But, fans are cautioned to not celebrate just yet as Qwabe senior, Laurence Qwabe, has revealed that the twins are contractually restricted to release any music within six months of the competition finale. He claimed that even if the twins were to be employed, a portion of their earnings (about 60%) will go to Gallo Records and the manager assigned to them by the competition, Kim Coppen.

According to reports, they have an appearance and booking contract with Think Entertainment, and a recording contract with Gallo Records.

The father of the twins has vowed to fight for his daughters to be released from the contract they signed when they joined IdolsSA top 10, as he believes that it might end their careers. He also claimed that they were pressured into signing the contracts even after they requested for their lawyers to look into it first.

“This contract has many hidden clauses, it needs a professional to look into it. My daughters could be pressured by this contract for 5 years,” he said.

Isolezwe spoke to Kim Coppen who said the contract still stands and the twins were not supposed to sign it if they were not completely satisfied. Laurence Qwabe on the other hand says that they were given an ultimatum to either sign the contract or drop out of the competition.

Kim also told TshisaLive that she was aware of the twins’ appearance with Tira at an event, however Afrotainment still needs to approach Think Entertainment should they wish to negotiate their release.

Kim further addressed allegations made by the twins’ father and dismissed all of the claims. “Our main focus is to make sure that during the time spent under our management, they are getting a realistic idea of what the music industry is like and they are protected.”

DJ Tira spoke to Daily Sun and said he is just trying to help get the Qwabe twins to get their careers up and running. “I took them to AKA’s events for a public appearance. They did that for free and their fans were happy to see them.

“In the next few days they will be at Afrotainment studios recording their music, but this doesn’t mean I have a contract with them,” said Tira.

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